on Dec 30, 2010
Finally the looooong wait is over!!! I've been waiting for this burger for around a year... I must admit I'm one of the biggest fans of the 'Prosperity Burger'... No surprise for this because I love beef and black pepper... So for me this is a killer combo that I can't resist...


Usually I insist on 'Coke Light' whenever I have my McD... No other drink for me but when I have my PROSPERITY meal, I insist on their new drinks which they call the 'Prosperity McFizz'!!! Try it and you will be hook...

Where MMMM meets AHHH... Catchy don't you think???

Hopefully they launch the 'Chicken Prosperity Burger' as soon as possible because my darling won't accompany me to eat 'Prosperity Burger' now because she don't like beef... So I got no choice but to indulge myself!!!
on Dec 29, 2010
Project FrankenBenz!!!

Coming Soon...

A new section will be added to my blog specially for my new project... Stay tune!!!
on Dec 20, 2010

Finally a really nice album from 'My Chemical Romance'... Don't get me wrong on this because I find their previous album entertaining as well but their latest album is definitely their best... No doubt about it... Unlike their previous album which sounded a bit emo this new album is completely the opposite... It sounded merrier to me... Songs like 'Bulletproof Heart' and 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) <----- oops I think I overdo it, are songs that really got me singing... Really nice in my opinion... In fact I find that most of the songs on this album is entertaining except those that talks rather than sings... The only song that I hate would definitely be 'Destroya'!!! Nonetheless this is a really nice album that worth listening to... Go ahead and listen to it and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed!!! One thumbs up from me!!!
on Dec 14, 2010
I received a forward mail today and I find it really hilarious!!! So funny in fact that I almost fell from my seat and roll on the floor and laugh till I burst in tears!!! So I decided to post it up and let all of you enjoy... I'm very sure it will make your day because this is really what it did to me!!!


'DS Samy Vellu' finally and officially resigned from his post of the longest 'MIC' President ever live, after leading the party for almost 31 years!!! Frankly, I will miss him very much especially for all his FUNNY QUOTES he made all these years... Like what our Prime Minister said in the 2010 'Barisan Nasional' Conference, "We will miss 'DS Samy Vellu' because he add a lot of colour... Sometimes a bit too much colour"... Therefore, as a token of appreciation, I just wanna share his famous quotes ever made by the one and only, 'Samy Vellu'...

Counting down from number 10!!!

10. 'Samy Vellu' quoted on 'Pos Laju':
"Besoh kirim, hari ini juga sampai"

9. On one TV news when he tried to say he felt very ashamed:
"Ini prekara sangat memalukan saya dan KEMALUAN saya sangat-sangat la besar"

8. 'Samy Vellu' said in one of his "ceramah":
"Kita akan bina satu jambatan wuntuk worang-worang kampong di sini... "Then one pakcik
asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai, buat apa bina jambatan???" And 'Samy' gloriously replied,
"Kalao takde sungai, kita bina sungai"

7. 'Samy's' most favourite quote on the news for the decade is this"
"Toll naik sikit, banyak marah saya... You worang ingat semua ini toll saya punyer bapah

6. During water crisis:
"Semua worang diminta jangan membuang aiyerr!!!"

5. On social society's problem:
"Worang-worang muda sekarang banyak suka hisap dade <---- breast/tits/boobs

4. During blood donation's program at 'Sungai Siput':
"Marilah kita semua menderma dare <---- virginity

3. His welcome speech in most of his functions:
"Selamat datang saudara-mara semua" (It should have been "saudara-saudari")

2. During the height of the 'Al-Arqam's' saga, he said in a press conference:
"Saya gumbira bahawa didapati tiada pemuda 'MIC' terlibat dalam kes 'Arqam'"

1. At an opening ceremony for a new building:
"Mempersilakan 'Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz' naik dari pentas wuntuk membuka kain"
(to open her clothes)

If you didn't laugh till now, I'm very sure you will in a moment!!! Hold your breath for a bonus round!!!

And of course the world's greatest joke of all times:


"Kita akan bina roket pigi matahari"... One of the reporter responded, "Tapi Datuk, matahari terlalu panas untuk didekati"... 'Samy' replied, "Itu takde masalah... Kita hantar waktu malam"!!!

OMFG!!! That's one helluva joke!!! Thanks 'DS Samy Vellu' for making my day!!! You are the man!!!
on Dec 8, 2010

Christmas is around the corner and everywhere you go, you will definitely see a lot of decorations and special limited edition items on sale... Normally cosmetics and perfumes are those that charge into high gear the moment Christmas is around the corner by releasing tons of special edition items... Besides them, M&M's is also one of them who decided to jump on the bandwagon...

The moment I saw this M&M's I totally fell in love with it... It is just plain awesome... I like simple design and I find this really eye catching... The case is made from steel and it mimics the M&M's candies itself... There are a lot of colours but I decided to choose blue as it is one of my favourite colour... If it is cheaper I guess I would just buy all the colours but too bad it is not... Retailing at RM8.88 at Guardian and RM10.90 at Tesco, I find it quite expensive so I guess one will do just fine!!!
on Dec 6, 2010
Is been a long time since I last updated on my darling's beloved feline or 'Pug'... The car is with us for more than a year now and everything is great except some minor niggles here and there... The first problem that we encounter is a very small problem... The problem is the autolock function somehow got disable and it just refuse to autolock...

The second problem is something of a shock to me as this problem usually occurs to high mileage vehicles but we got it before the odometer manage to clock in 10,000km!!! Guess we are really unlucky... The problem is with the wheel bearing... But luckily the car is still under warranty and the service center happily change it for me... Free of course and I left a happy man once again!!!

After that, we encounter another problem... A flat battery on a car clocking only around 20,000km ++... This is something new to me as well because through out my driving days, I've yet to encounter problem such as this because normally battery can last at least a year before they started giving up on you... But from what I know, this is a very common problem with the 'Peugeot 308'... So potential owner take note on this... Before your car hit 20,000km, get your car diagnose by Peugeot service center as the warranty for battery is only 20,000km only... Meaning they won't replace for free and after that you are on your own and the original battery is very costly to replace...

Few months ago, I found out that the car lacks power and is hard to drive it smoothly anymore... This particular problem have been dragging on for months as I kept sending my car for diagnostic and they told me that there is nothing wrong with it... But the more I drive, the more frustrated I became... So I decided to call the head mechanic and told him my problems... Schedule a date and off my car went for another round of diagnose... Again the answer is the same... Nothing wrong with it BUT the head mechanic found out that there is a leak in one of the vacuum hose and it replace the hose... Guess what problem solve!!! Now my car is smoother to drive and I'm enjoying every single minute of it!!!
on Dec 4, 2010

After watching this latest 'Harry Potter' installment I can't help but to think about how time flies!!! Just look at Harry, Ron and Hermaine... They are all grown ups now... Still remember the first 'Harry Potter' movie and they were like small kids...

Gone are the days that 'Harry Potter' is a movie catering to small kids... 'The Deathly Hallows' is a different movie from the past installment... More moody and sinister in its own way... No more 'quidditch', classroom or teachers... They are on their own now...

If you ask me, I think this is one of the best 'Harry Potter' installment but frankly speaking, 'Part 1' is only a setting for more things to come which is in 'Part 2' of the movie... But the CGI and filming is definitely much better if you ask me... So what I'm going to do now is to sit tight and wait for 'Part 2' next year... I believe the last 'Harry Potter' installment will be the best ever!!! Period... Hopefully I'm right on this and please don't let me down... Going to start my movie marathon again... Start watching 'Harry Potter' again right from the beginning!!!
on Dec 1, 2010
This post is not a normal food review post because I don't even have a picture of the food that we had!!! The reason for this is because I didn't manage to take any pictures... My relatives are eating the food faster than I can press the shutter!!! Hence I give up taking any pictures of the food... Instead I turn my focus to my super duper adorable niece!!!

Besides that, this is a loooooong overdue post because this happened somewhere in September!!! Guess I'm a lousy blogger... :(

Yup she's the model of the day!!! Cute isn't she...

Notice the necklace she has??? It belongs to my cousin and we are so very bad asking a child to pose with it!!! Nothing wrong except for the wording...

Nah a close up of the necklace... Now you know why...

Celebrating my darling and cousin's birthday!!!

Please don't get a shock by looking at the cake... I totally forget about the name but it should be 'Red Velvet' or something... And you know what, the cake is marvelous!!!