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M&M's - Melts In Your Mouth But Not In Your Hand!!!

by - 5:35 PM

Christmas is around the corner and everywhere you go, you will definitely see a lot of decorations and special limited edition items on sale... Normally cosmetics and perfumes are those that charge into high gear the moment Christmas is around the corner by releasing tons of special edition items... Besides them, M&M's is also one of them who decided to jump on the bandwagon...

The moment I saw this M&M's I totally fell in love with it... It is just plain awesome... I like simple design and I find this really eye catching... The case is made from steel and it mimics the M&M's candies itself... There are a lot of colours but I decided to choose blue as it is one of my favourite colour... If it is cheaper I guess I would just buy all the colours but too bad it is not... Retailing at RM8.88 at Guardian and RM10.90 at Tesco, I find it quite expensive so I guess one will do just fine!!!

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