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Car Town

by - 5:44 PM

Found a new game in Facebook and I'm really hooked!!! The name of the game was called 'Car Town'... So what's so special about this game??? Nothing special actually... Just that it involved one of my favourite thing which was about cars... The game was quite similar to 'Restaurant City' where you were required to run a garage instead of a restaurant... From washing cars to maintenance and also modifying... Other than that, you get to buy some really cool looking cars and you can modify the car as well... Cool huh...

My newly acquired Nissan 240SX... You can change the colour, rims, tyres, bodykit, suspension, tinted and also the performance of the car... After that, you can challenge your friend to a drag race or bring your nicely modified car to a car show competition...

My other car... A modified Toyota Yaris...

Highly recommended game for those who likes automotive and the best part of it was the game's FREE!!!

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