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Peugeot 308 Turbo Update

by - 2:34 PM

Is been a long time since I last updated on my darling's beloved feline or 'Pug'... The car is with us for more than a year now and everything is great except some minor niggles here and there... The first problem that we encounter is a very small problem... The problem is the autolock function somehow got disable and it just refuse to autolock...

The second problem is something of a shock to me as this problem usually occurs to high mileage vehicles but we got it before the odometer manage to clock in 10,000km!!! Guess we are really unlucky... The problem is with the wheel bearing... But luckily the car is still under warranty and the service center happily change it for me... Free of course and I left a happy man once again!!!

After that, we encounter another problem... A flat battery on a car clocking only around 20,000km ++... This is something new to me as well because through out my driving days, I've yet to encounter problem such as this because normally battery can last at least a year before they started giving up on you... But from what I know, this is a very common problem with the 'Peugeot 308'... So potential owner take note on this... Before your car hit 20,000km, get your car diagnose by Peugeot service center as the warranty for battery is only 20,000km only... Meaning they won't replace for free and after that you are on your own and the original battery is very costly to replace...

Few months ago, I found out that the car lacks power and is hard to drive it smoothly anymore... This particular problem have been dragging on for months as I kept sending my car for diagnostic and they told me that there is nothing wrong with it... But the more I drive, the more frustrated I became... So I decided to call the head mechanic and told him my problems... Schedule a date and off my car went for another round of diagnose... Again the answer is the same... Nothing wrong with it BUT the head mechanic found out that there is a leak in one of the vacuum hose and it replace the hose... Guess what problem solve!!! Now my car is smoother to drive and I'm enjoying every single minute of it!!!

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