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Birthday Celebration @ Oriental Pavilion

by - 6:25 PM

This post is not a normal food review post because I don't even have a picture of the food that we had!!! The reason for this is because I didn't manage to take any pictures... My relatives are eating the food faster than I can press the shutter!!! Hence I give up taking any pictures of the food... Instead I turn my focus to my super duper adorable niece!!!

Besides that, this is a loooooong overdue post because this happened somewhere in September!!! Guess I'm a lousy blogger... :(

Yup she's the model of the day!!! Cute isn't she...

Notice the necklace she has??? It belongs to my cousin and we are so very bad asking a child to pose with it!!! Nothing wrong except for the wording...

Nah a close up of the necklace... Now you know why...

Celebrating my darling and cousin's birthday!!!

Please don't get a shock by looking at the cake... I totally forget about the name but it should be 'Red Velvet' or something... And you know what, the cake is marvelous!!!

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