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McChicken Supreme

by - 6:15 PM

Ever wonder what a slice of smoke chicken and tomato can do to your food??? Not much I must say... Frankly speaking what can a slice of smoke chicken and tomato do??? But I was so very wrong... After trying out the latest offering from McD, I got the answer... I must admit that the slice of smoke chicken really transform the vanila 'McChicken' into something else... The taste is definitely much better...

As most of you know, recently McD is kicking into high gear releasing limited time new menu right after another... If I'm not mistaken, it started with the 'Triple Cheeseburger' which in my opinion is not something special... It doesn't make the taste any better or unique... What it does is make my tummy an inch wider!!! After that, they release the 'Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' which I don't really fancy... Don't get me wrong because I love black pepper but the 'Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' tasted more like curry rather than black pepper!!!

So back to the 'McChicken Supreme', I think this is the most successful limited time new menu ever... I will never look down on a slice of smoke chicken and tomato next time because I know damn well what they can do now!!!

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