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Piranha 3D

by - 10:51 PM

I really pity those who watch this movie in the cinema... From what I've heard, this movie is around 1 hour or so when you watch it in the cinema... Hmmm but the version that I've watch is around 1 and a half hours long!!! So where is the other half and hour gone??? Don't worry I know the answer... Censorship is the answer... But I don't blame them because those scenes are really not suitable in Malaysia... But it just don't make any sense at all showing this movie in Malaysia because all the good parts need to be censor!!!

As for the movie, I find it quite entertaining... Nop not because of the boobies!!! The really I like this movie is because of the goriness of it... Everywhere you turn there is blood splashing!!! I like this kind of movie and I'm not a pervert!!! Combining super hot topless ladies with blood splashing everywhere = A damn good movie!!! Hope they stick to this winning combination in the second installment... But please improve the CGI as the fish looks a bit fake... For those who likes good storyline, you can virtually forget about this movie...

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