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Plus One Shabu Shabu

by - 8:28 PM

My darling's colleague recommend this particular restaurant saying that it is really good and definitely worth trying... Frankly speaking I'm not a BIG fan of steamboat but my darling is a BIG fanatic... So I got no choice but to check it out since she always accompany me eating those that I like... So I guess is time for me to return the favour!!!

There are a lot of sauces for the steamboat so is up to you to decide which one you like... As usual, chilli padi for me... In my opinion, nothing can replace it!!! My opinion is try out all the sauces then decide which one is for you because they will charge you RM1 per pax for their 'Home Made Sauce' which frankly speaking, I don't know which one is it!!!

There are a lot of set for you to choose... Definitely beef for me!!! I ordered the 'U.S Sirlion Steak Set' which cost RM34!!! Each set comes with another plate which consist of some vegetables, prawn, scallop, mee and et cetera...

'Pork Intestine Set' which cost RM 29

'Pork Loin Set' which cost RM29 as well...

This is the plate that I'm talking about... Every set comes with this and I think you can consider it as a side dish or maybe this is the main dish...

There are a lot of broth for you to choose and this is their specialty broth which unfortunately I have forgotten the name!!! Despite hating steamboat, I must admit that the broth is really good... At first it is rather tasteless but I guess this is normal because the things that get thrown inside define the sweetness of the broth... But the taste is definitely enjoyable... I really like it... In fact I'm recommending this restaurant for those steamboat freaks out there...

Frankly speaking I'm going to give a rather high score for this restaurant... But!!! There is a but... The broth is full of MSG so I got no choice but to deduct some score... A warning for those that are going to try it... You will be 'EXTREMELY' thirsty after dining at this restaurant!!! Guess that's the price you pay for a really nice broth...

Overall Rating - 3.3/5

Plus One Shabu Shabu
Lot F337-338, 1st Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
03-7725 3322

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