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Breakfast Set!!!

by - 5:43 PM

I'm a BIG fan of fried/fast food!!! I know that those food is not good for my health but I just can't resist the temptation!!! Recently I managed to find this stall that sells so-called 'BREAKFAST' set and I decided to give it a try...

By the time for me to pay for the breakfast set, I was actually quite shock when the guy told me that the breakfast set cost me RM9!!! But now thinking about it I find it quite reasonable because the set is rather huge!!! It consist of 3 slices of toasted bread, 1 slice of bacon, 1 slice of ham, 2 slices of luncheon meat, 1 hash brown patty, 1 fish fillet, 1 sausage, 1 sunny side up some fries and coleslaw!!! That's 10 different variety in a plate!!! Awesome!!!

Overall Rating - 3.5/5

Sorry no address for this particular shop... This restaurant is located in 'Taman Bunga Raya' in 'Wangsa Maju'... If you are a student of 'TAR College', I'm very sure you know where this place is... This restaurant is also famous for it's 'Teh C Ice' and there is a stall that sells 'Sesame Chicken' that is just plain awesome!!! Will try to blog about the drinks and sesame chicken if I manage to take some pictures of it...

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