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McD Prosperity Burger

by - 10:33 PM

Finally the looooong wait is over!!! I've been waiting for this burger for around a year... I must admit I'm one of the biggest fans of the 'Prosperity Burger'... No surprise for this because I love beef and black pepper... So for me this is a killer combo that I can't resist...


Usually I insist on 'Coke Light' whenever I have my McD... No other drink for me but when I have my PROSPERITY meal, I insist on their new drinks which they call the 'Prosperity McFizz'!!! Try it and you will be hook...

Where MMMM meets AHHH... Catchy don't you think???

Hopefully they launch the 'Chicken Prosperity Burger' as soon as possible because my darling won't accompany me to eat 'Prosperity Burger' now because she don't like beef... So I got no choice but to indulge myself!!!

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