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Ninja Joe Revisited

by - 9:17 PM

I can't really remembered the last time I had 'Ninja Joe'... What I can remember is it doesn't blow my socks off... So I stop patronizing it as I find the food so so and it is actually quite expensive compare to the likes of 'McD' and etc... I know you can't compare 'Ninja Joe' to 'McD' as their menu are totally different albeit both specializes in burgers and fries...

So after a long time, I decided to give it another try... I tried their new burger call 'Chuck' and this time round, I'm actually hooked by it... The combination of pork patty + bacon + egg + onion rings are just amazing... This is what I normally do at home so I find it rather homey (normally I will throw what I can find in my fridge and transform my burger into an enormous one... burger patty, bacon, ham, onion ring, hash browns, fries, you name it and I believe I've done it)!!! At RM16.90 per set, this is definitely not cheap looking at what 'McD' is offering during lunch/dinner time... But where else can you get pork burger at such a price??? So thinking about it, it is actually quite affordable don't you think??? 

Overall Rating: 4/5

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