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Tron Legacy 3D

by - 11:11 PM

I never watch the original 'Tron' before so I can't really compare it with this one... But one thing I'm sure of is I'm really disappointed with this movie... Apart from the neon glowing costume, nothing really amazes me... I know this is a science fiction movie so apparently the storyline is suppose 'NOT' to make any sense... But this is really absurd... Guess I'm not use to watch science fiction!!! Nothing special about the storyline and halfway through the movie, I wish it could end faster...

Talking about 3D, I really don't see the point for opting it because I don't see any!!! None!!! Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes but really, no 3D effect whatsoever!!! Or maybe my eyes is playing tricks with me???

I'm hoping so much more from this movie because of all the hype but boy I'm so wrong... Nothing really caught my interest... Not even the CGI... I don't think it is pretty at all... Arghhh RM20 wasted!!!

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