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Restoran Kah Hing

by - 8:57 PM

If you been to 'Restaurant Pokemon' (which I had reviewed in my blog earlier), you will definitely notice this restaurant because it is situated just besides 'Restaurant Pokemon'... It is very hard to miss this restaurant because it is usually jam pack!!!

The first time I saw this restaurant I never really think much about it... It looked just like any other restaurant... But I was so wrong because this isn't any restaurant... This restaurant specializes in 'Vietnamese' food which in my opinion is very rare <--- (shop lot and location)...

'Vietnamese' coffee!!!

'Vietnamese' coffee, the way it should be!!!

But too bad, the coffee sucks... We ordered 3 cups and none of them managed to finish it!!! Maybe we are not use to it???

'Braised Trotters'... Not bad...

'Braised Pig Stomach'... This one is not bad either... Definitely worth ordering if you like all these stuffs!!!

Ahhh the famous 'Vietnamese Springroll'... This is a must order item in any 'Vietnamese' restaurant... This one included... One word to describe it... NICE!!!

'Vietnamese Curry'... If you like the smell and taste of lemongrass, then I'm sure you will like this... I'm one of those who like it...

'Kuey Teow Soup'... Don't really know whether it is authentic 'Vietnamese' dish but this is one of the best dish that day... I really enjoy it a lot!!!

The texture of the 'kuey teow' is different compare to those in Malaysia... So I don't know whether they imported it from Vietnam of what... This is a MUST try dish there...

Overall Rating - 3.8/5

Located beside 'Restaurant Pokemon'... If you need the address just search my blog for 'Restaurant Pokemon'!!!

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