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The Tourist

by - 7:28 PM

'Depp' and 'Jolie'... What more can you ask for??? I'm very sure a lot of people went watching this movie because of them... I myself is an example of being attracted by these two superstars... Frankly speaking, I find the movie quite boring in the beginning... You can forget about 'Jolie' jumping from truck to truck like in 'Salt' or the humorous and witty 'Depp' in 'Pirates of The Caribbean'... You won't find this in 'The Tourist'... But luckily they still have something up their sleeve... There is some twist in the story line which I really enjoy... I really like the surprise element in the end... So if you like 'Depp' and 'Jolie', go ahead and watch this movie... But don't expect something extraordinary out from it... Nonetheless, not a really bad movie...

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