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The Best and Worst Movie of 2010...

by - 9:50 PM

I like watching movie a lot... This is one of my main entertainment besides surfing the net... I didn't count photography and modding car as entertainment because those are my hobbies... So yeah you can say that I'm a pretty boring guy!!!

Ok first up is the WORST movie that I had watched in 2010... And it win by at least a few hundred miles!!!... In fact non of the contender are anywhere close!!! This movie is so shitty that it can be use as a torturing device... Should propose it to our 'PDRM' and use it to make crooks confess about what they did and I can guarantee the success rate is definitely more than 85% because this movie is really unbearable to watch!!! (I still think that is a miracle that I survive after being torture - any longer I might gorge my own eyes out!!!)... It is really really BAD...

It is no easy task for me to crown the BEST movie of 2010... There are a few strong contenders such as 'Iron Man 2' and 'Inception'... But I decided to crown 'Ip Man 2' as the best movie of 2010!!! Really worth watching and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed in it unless you hate 'Donnie Yen' a lot!!!

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