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Avoid Kheng Soon Service Centre If You Drives A Peugeot!!!

by - 5:23 PM

Do you know which is the most FUCKED UP car service centre in 'Kuala Lumpur' and 'Selangor'??? Don't worry as I got the answer!!! Please don't be surprise if I tell you that it is not 'Proton' although the company starts with the letter 'P' as well... Yup that's right is 'Peugeot's' service centre (not all 'Peugeot' service centre!!!)...

This time I will be more specified about the name of the service centre... It is 'Kheng Soon Service Sdn Bhd' located at 'Jalan Chan Sow Lin'... There is valid reason for me to criticize this particular service centre... If you read my previous blog post regarding my '308 Turbo', I'm very sure you know that I'm facing some problems with parts availability... Well the good news is the part that I'm waiting for have arrived (panoramic roof blind)... Yesterday, one of the service advisor from this shitty service centre called me and informed me that the part that I'm waiting for had arrived and I can go over to their place this morning in order to get it fix... So both of us are damn happy because without the blind, we are basically sun tanning in the car and not forgetting looking like a complete idiot driving without the blind in our 'Malaysian' weather...

So I reached there around 10.00am and happily greet one of the service advisor... But the word that came out from his mouth shocked me!!! He said I didn't have any appointment with them and I was told to go home instead!!! I was like WTF is going on here... You guys asked me to drop by this morning but suddenly you told me that I wasn't supposed to be there... Frankly speaking, I wanted to kick myself in the butt because I forgot to ask who am I talking to yesterday!!! If I got his name, I'm very sure I can screwed him 'kao kao'!!!

This is not the first time these things happen... In fact a few months ago, my '308 Turbo' decided to have a flat battery (this is the second time)... As I usually service my car at this bloody service centre, the first place I called to will be them... They told me that they have existing stock and I can sent my car over... So I arranged for a tow truck and before we starts our journey, I called them again to double confirm and this time they told me that they DON'T have any stock on hand... This happened on a Saturday and they are working half day... And to make matter worse, the tow truck reached our place around 11 something and they are closing at 12 something... So I got no choice but to call 'Glenmarie' service centre... Luckily they allow us to drop our car and they are willing to wait for us... So do you know why I'm so pissed off at them??? Because I got screwed not once but twice by the very same service centre call 'Kheng Soon'...

Moral of the story is, please know who you are talking to when dealing with scums like these because they are damn good 'Tai Chi' player... They just push everything off like this didn't even happen!!!

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