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The Final Destination

by - 6:51 PM

Haiz... So disappointed... A lot of my freinds said that it was so gross, yucky and some felt like they were going to puke... So I decided to watch it because I gave up on this movie franchise already... The storyline was totally predictable... Nothing special... But since all my friends gave all kinds of comment on this movie, I told my darling that I'm going to watch this movie instead of 'Up'...

As for the storyline I've got nothing to write about as it was really and totally predictable... Nothing new compare to all the others Final Destination movies... Don't let me started on the gross part... It looks so FAKE!!! Tell me which part of it is gross??? I can't name it... If you like watching this kind of movie, try watching SAW V and you know what is grosssssssss... The Final Destination as a gross movie... Nah far from it...

Should have listen to my darling and watch 'Up' or even 'Orphan'...

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