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Peugeot 308 Turbo Basic Dimension

by - 6:37 PM

A lot of people said that the 308 Turbo was a very small car when they first looked at it... But in my opinion, it was a huge car... Just that it was not as long as other saloon because the 308 Turbo was a hatchback... The 308 Turbo was so much wider compare to my Gen2... It was also wider compare to a lot of cars... Cars such as Merc C Class, Proton Perdana just to name a few... These car were not small but in comparison, the 308 Turbo was actually wider than them... As for interior space, the front occupant can really sit like a king... As for the rear, I consider it as spacious but definitely not Merc S Class or BMW 7 Series category... Nevertheless, it was a BIG car...

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