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Say Bye Bye To Windows

by - 7:44 PM

I don't like the norm... If a lot of people like one particular thing, chances of me hating it is bloody high!!! I like to be unique and I don't like my things to stay original for long especially for car, computer or gadget related item... I like to mix things around and you can see from my car and my computers as well as my mobile phone... All these items had been tinkered with... 

My 'FrankenBenz' originally German but I've decided to throw in a Japanese heart!!! My old 'Galaxy Nexus' running all kinds of custom ROMS and the latest one with 'MIUI'... My desktop computer running 'Mac OSX' permanently... And the latest thing that my itchy hand laid on is my trusty old 'IBM Thinkpad' and 'HP Mini'... Both antique and really a pain in the ass with 'Microsoft Windows' in it... Extremely slow and unresponsive!!! In fact I stopped using them at all and they just sit there collecting dust!!! 

Thanks to the Internet, I decided to try 'Linux'... 'Ubuntu' is the first that I tried... Really lovely... Interface is really pretty and easy to use... But too bad the requirement is rather high... My 'HP Mini' is running fine but is just too laggy!!! Do some research and decided to give 'Lubuntu' and 'Xubuntu' a try... Both design to run on low spec machine as the 'OS' is pretty light... Tried 'Lubuntu" first as is the lightest among all 'buntu' and I'm really impressed!!! Lighting fast compared to 'Windows'... The only downside is the 'OS' is too barebone for my liking... So after one week of trying decided to give 'Xubuntu' a try as it is somewhere in the middle... Pretty light but not too bare... And you know what??? I love it!!! Definitely not as fast as 'Lubuntu' but it is so much nicer so I'm going to stick with it until I find something to replace it... 

So goodbye 'Windows'... You served me well over the years but too bad our relationship is short term as I found something much better to replace you!!!

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