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by - 11:22 PM

I'm really excited as 'Lucy' is finally screening in 'Malaysia'... The reason why I'm so anxious about this movie is pretty simple... 'Scarlett Johansson', my GODDESS!!! Ok that is part of the reason... Actually the main reason is because I'm curious to know what man kind will achieve when they use more than 10% of the brain... 

The first part of the movie is enjoyable but I can't say the same when it gets to the end... I just can't accept the fact that man kind is able to perform all those things that 'Lucy' did when she started using more than 50% of the brain... When it reaches 100%, I'm thinking of leaving the cinema already as it is just too absurd for me to digest... Maybe this is really the potential of what we can do when we use more than what we are utilizing our brain power now... Maybe, just maybe... But full credit goes to the writer as their imagination is beyond compare... Maybe they are using more brain power compare to us???

Anyway watch this movie with an open mind and maybe you will accept what they portray but for me, this doesn't make it... I'm not convince!!!

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