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The Conjuring

by - 2:48 PM

Is been a long time since I've watched something like this... I don't usually watched horror movie as I'm not really a big fan of this particular genre... Unless the horror movie is about exorcism or something like this movie that I'm blogging about... Based on true story (take it with a pinch of salt though)!!! 

I don't care whether is it true that this is based on true story... But what I can say is I don't regret watching it!!! The story build up really well and include all the suspends, and it seems like everybody is holding their breath and anticipating something to happen next... Storyline is a little bit oldskool though... But hey, isn't all horror movies have the same storyline??? So how scary is it??? Personally, I find it on the acceptable level but the lady to my left think otherwise... I believe she watched half of the movie with her eyes close!!! Anyway, two thumbs up from me...

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