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Green Day - !Uno! / !Tre! / !Dos!

by - 11:24 PM

I've been a fan of 'Green Day' since I was a teens... Till now, I'm still a BIG fans!!! Got their latest album (or albums??? as there are 3 of them!!!)... If you ask me, I think their latest album is damn awesome... I myself really like '!Uno!' and '!Tre!' and I'm beginning to like '!Dos!' as well after listening to it a few more times... 

There are a few tracks that I really like and I'm going to list it down according to the album...

'Nuclear Family'
'Carpe Diem'
'Fell For You'
'Oh Love'

'Brutal Love'
'Drama Queen'
'Walk Away'
'Dirty Rotten Bastards'
'The Forgotten'

'Wild One'
'Baby Eyes'

If you like punk rock or whatever kind of rock music like I do, give them a try... Definitely worth your time listening to them...

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