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by - 10:23 PM

Just like my previous post, I'm not really a BIG fan of sci-fi genre either but I'm really enjoying 'Elysium'... I like the fact that the storyline is fresh (although still a little bit predictable!!!) coupled it with the excellent acting from 'Damon' and 'Foster', I believe we got a winning combination here... 

Thinking back at the storyline, I was wondering is it even possible to have a different place for us to stay rather than the good old place we call earth... But frankly speaking, the thing that I wanted most is the healing machine... It can detect any illness and make you 100% healthy in just a few second... Can someone please invent something like this??? If someone does, I believe this will be one of the best thing created by mankind and definitely a giant leap for us all... Can you imagine everybody on earth which is 100% healthy without any illness??? Unfortunately we are not living in a world where everything is free... Everything cost money and if the machine is really available it will be like in the movie as well... Only those privileged enough are able to afford it... Anyway enough of the rambling and I'm giving this movie a two thumbs up as well... Definitely worth paying for it... 

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