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Zagg By Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad 2

by - 11:17 PM

Recently I'm really busy with my princess that I hardly have the time to blog!!! She alone occupied most of my time including my personal time where I use it for browsing the net or updating my blog... Sometimes I don't even have the time to switch on my desktop computer!!! Luckily I still have my 'iPad 2' where I can just on it in a second and have a quick browse...

I got myself a Bluetooth keyboard a couple of months ago and till know I only have the time to really put it to the test... I'm actually writing this blog post using it... The keyboard that I got myself is call 'Zagg' and it is by 'Logitech' which is fame for it's computer accessories such as mouse and keyboard... What I really like about this 'Zagg' keyboard is the use of aluminium just like the 'iPad'... So it won't look out of place when the 'iPad' is being use together with it... Although the keyboard is quite small, it is surprisingly easy to use and I seldom hit the wrong key... Definitely better when compare to the virtual keyboard on the 'iPad'!!!

OK that's about it I guess... Just a short review on the 'Zagg' keyboard and this item is highly recommended by me if you type a lot using your 'iPad'... If not, you can basically forget about it... Two thumbs up from me!!!

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