Johor Premium Outlet aka JPO

on Jan 21, 2013
I'm very sure by now almost all 'Malaysian' have heard of 'Johor Premium Outlet' or better know as 'JPO' as this is the country first ever premium factory outlet store... These kind of shopping is very common in oversea and why 'Malaysia' doesn't have one all these while is beyond me... 

I really enjoyed shopping at these places as you can buy branded goods at a much cheaper price... But quite frankly I'm a bit disappointed with our version of premium outlet as the selection is pretty limited (but still better than nothing!!!)... Although limited in selection, we still managed to get ourselves something!!! 


Ok so will I go again??? I guess the answer is a yes if I'm quite free and got nothing better to do... Will probably bring 'Mikayla' along when she's older!!!


-celestial- said...

Whoa, I saw Burberry! So good that Johor has this premium outlet. Better than Sibu. We don't even have a 'brand' outlet in our shopping mall. Orh, we got one, that is, Vincci! Lolz. Others are all 'rojak'.

David Tee said...

yeah got Burberry, Ralph Lauren and some other brands that I can't really remember... wow no wonder you always fly to KL and shop!!!