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AEM Dryflow Air Filter For FrakenBenz

by - 9:27 PM

Recently I got bored of the 'HKS' air filter and wanted something BIG as I find the 'HKS' filter is way too small for the 'Toyota 1JZ' engine... So I went out sourcing for the biggest air filter that I can fit into the engine bay of 'FrankenBenz'... And I'm in luck as I managed to find one and it comes with a pretty good price!!! Introducing the 'AEM Dryflow' air filter... 

Made in 'USA' yo!!!

Just look at the size!!! 

Size comparison between the 'AEM' and 'HKS'... Huge difference!!!

 'HKS' air filter with original plastic intake pipe... 

 'AEM' with custom aluminium intake pipe...

Ta-dah... Now the engine bay look so much nicer and not forgetting better intake due to the size of the filter... There's definitely some different as I find 'FrankenBenz' pulls a tad harder when using the 'AEM'... Now who wants my original 'HKS' air filter??? 

To be continue...

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