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Milk Bottles Comparison

by - 10:54 PM

Choosing the right milk bottle for 'Mikayla' is something rather difficult... It might look extremely easy but in fact, it is not... I'm those person who prefer form over function and I like to be as unique as possible... I tend to stay away from norm and the first bottle that caught my eyes is definitely by 'Tommee Tippee'!!! 

Just look at the design and I'm sure you'll agree with what I've just said... It look so different from those conventional looking milk bottle!!! I know there are more unique looking bottles in the market but those are not as well known as these three BIG brands... So before my darling conceive, I told myself that these will be the bottles that 'Mikayla' will be drinking from...

But sadly, this bottle doesn't perform as good as it looks... After using this bottle, 'Mikayla's' mouth and neck is full of milk!!! Milk just leak from her mouth... Although the nicer but the performance is definitely the worse among these bottles that I've gather today!!! 

Second bottle that we tried is from 'MAM'... I love the design especially the ivory white one... The ivory white bottle used to be sold only in 'Walmart' but now it is available in 'Malaysia' as well... One of my darling's friend help us to buy the ivory white bottles from the 'States' and the moment we got it, we were really excited as it looks wonderful!!! Really pretty and I like the material they used for the bottles... The plastic is much harder and more resistant to scratch... 

I really like the design of the teat as it is flat and 'Mikayla' is able to suck it right from the moment she's born... She tend to reject those normal round teat as her mouth is really small and she don't like to open it BIG... So it was much easier for use to put 'MAM' teat into her mouth... But sadly we need to abandon these amazing bottle as well... The reason is pretty simple... It was really troublesome to use and it just leak from the top and also the bottom as the bottom is removable as well!!! When it comes to washing, this bottle is the most tedious as there are a lot of parts for you to dismantle and wash... When it comes to assemble, you must screw it right and I always do it right but the damn bottle just keeps leaking!!! In the end, I decided to give up on it as the leaking part is really driving me up the wall!!!

The most famous brand but the one that I rejected the earliest... The reason is simple... Too many people using it and it look so boring!!! Besides that, 'Mikayla' rejected these bottles as the teat is way too BIG for her small mouth... When we gave up on 'MAM', we decided to give 'Mikayla' another try on the 'Avent' bottle and surprisingly, she seems to accept it when she gets bigger... So we decided to stick with 'Avent' as it is the best in overall performance... The only thing that I need to get pass is the look!!! But fear not as 'Avent' introduces a new design!!!

The moment I saw this design, I was really ecstatic as it looks awesome... When scouting for this new bottle but it was not available in 'Malaysia' yet... So I turn to my best friend which is the 'Internet' by the way and order a set for 'Mikayla' to try... After using it for two weeks, I'm really happy with the performance of it... In fact, I'm ordering a few more together with some new teats!!! This new 'Avent' bottle is highly recommended by me and if you're looking for a new bottle for your baby, look no further!!! 

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