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Shell - Lego Ferrari Promotion

by - 9:50 PM

Finally I've completed the collection!!! Why am I so excited about it??? True I'm a BIG 'Lego' fans but this is not the reason why I'm so happy that I've finally completed the collection... The reason is because I don't have to pump 'Shell' petrol anymore!!! 

Some people might say that all petrol are equal but the truth is, it is not!!! I don't pump 'RON97' so I can't comment on it but if you ask me about 'RON95', I can tell you that 'Shell' is the worse!!! It is so much inferior compare to others especially 'BHP' (i'm not getting paid on promoting 'BHP' petrol!!! i speak from experience)... Whenever I pump 'Shell RON95', my car felt under-power even with a 2.5L twin turbo engine up front!!! And I don't get the extra mileage that they claim as well... The whole car refuse to rev and the auto box is so reluctant to down shift... Really bad fuel if you ask me... If you're driving a performance car, please stay away from it!!!

So let me tell you which is the best petrol out there currently... The first goes to 'BHP'... Excellent power even using RON95... No other petrol brand come close!!! The next is 'Mobil/Esso/Petron' follow by 'Caltex' and 'Petronas'... And coming at a distance last is 'Shell' which used to be my favourite petrol... So sad to see a great brand producing such crappy petrol!!!

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