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The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

by - 9:13 PM

If you don't know, I'm not really a 'Twilight' fans!!! I still remembered the time I watched the first installment... I cursed like no tomorrow!!! Then I started reading the books and it makes some sense (as the story is supposed to be boring!!!) but still I'm no BIG fans of the installment... And since I've watched all the previous one, it doesn't make sense for me to skip the last installment... 

Again, the movie is quite boring in my opinion but definitely better than the previous one... Besides 'Michael Sheen' who plays the character 'Aro' (which is brilliant!!!), I find most of the actor/actress a bit dead and with no facial expression at all especially 'Kristen Stewart' and 'Robert Pattinson'!!! Both are lousy actor/actress if you ask me... So my suggestion is please watch this movie and get over it as it is just not worth talking about!!!

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