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Is Alive!!!

by - 8:39 PM

Yay my desktop computer revive from the dead!!! No more staring at a puny little screen while trying to edit my pictures!!! This is my third desktop computer to date... The first and second one is a complete unit while this latest one is not... I just changed what is necessary as my wallet doesn't allow me to go bonkers on the spec let alone a full system... 

My first system is using 'Intel' while my second one uses 'AMD'... For my new system, I wanted to use back 'AMD' (as I'm a 'AMD' supporter!!!) instead of 'Intel' but I've got no choice as I'm planning to do 'Hackintosh' (installing OS X Mountain Lion on my desktop) and unfortunately 'AMD' processor is not supported!!! 

Intel latest 'Ivy Bridge' processor... 'i5 3570K'... Wanted to get the 'i7' but it is too bloody expensive!!! Not really going to overclock it but still I get the 'K' version as the price difference is not huge... 

'ASRock Z77 Extreme 4' is my choice when it comes to motherboard... I buy this motherboard because it looks awesome!!! It is really beautiful in my opinion... 

I've always like 'Corsair' so no surprise here... Got myself four of these (16GB)... So no more shortage of rams!!! My previous desktop only have 2GB of rams!!!

Frankly speaking, I don't really need a new hard drive!!! But everyone's telling me that 'SSD' is super duper fast and it really got me curious!!! Bought 120GB one as 240GB is way too expensive!!! Again 'Corsair' for me... And that's about it... I'm using back my old 'XFX HD4830' graphic card and my really old 'Lian Li PC7' casing!!!

The first time my computer boot, I'm really ecstatic and it was fast!!! Way faster than what I've expected!!! Or maybe I'm just too use to my old desktop that runs like a slug??? Anyway, I'm really happy with my purchase as everything is so much smoother and faster compare to before!!!

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