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Computer Is Dead!!!

by - 7:19 PM

Damn my desktop computer is officially dead!!! Recently I'm having a hard time trying to switch it on... But it seems like it decided to die on me... I believe the power supply is faulty and hopefully I'm right as it is cheap to get it replace... If the problem lies somewhere else, I guess is time for me to upgrade as my desktop is pretty darn old... At least 5-6 years if my memory serves me right... 

Hmm thinking about it, I don't really need a new computer as I still have my trusty 'IBM Thinkpad' laptop which should be in the museum by now and not forgetting my newer but super slow 'HP Netbook'!!! Both are not really ideal for photo editing purposes but I guess I don't have a choice right now!!! I've tried editing pics with the netbook and surprisingly it is able to cope with it!!! No crashes just that the screen is super small and it is pretty laggy!!! Other than that, I've got no complaint!!! 

Still need to get my desktop fix as there are a lot of pics in it... Wanted to post about my darling's experience on giving birth but all the pics are in the hard drive and I can't get access to it!!! Now, 'Apple Macbook Pro' look so tempting but can't really splurge on it as my wallet is in a pretty bad shape now!!! Haiz... 

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