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by - 10:39 PM

Not really a BIG fans of 'James Bond' franchise... But still I don't hate it... Whenever there's a new 'Bond' film, I will still try my very best to watch it... 'James Bond' or '007' is a movie franchise that I can't really tell whether I like it or not... I've watched almost all 'James Bond' film since 'Pierce Brosnan' starring it but surprisingly, I can't remember anything at all!!! The same thing happen when 'Daniel Craig' took over the job... I can't remember the storyline at all... The only thing that I remember is 'James Bond' is almost God like... He won't get injured and he's super smart and all the ladies will fall in love with him eventually!!! Sex scene is inevitable but too bad we are living in 'Malaysia', so most of the interesting parts are long gone by the time it reaches our cinema!!!

So this time, I expect the same in this newest 'James Bond' film call 'Skyfall'... This time, I'm right about a few things like what I've said earlier... Almost all the ladies will fall in love with him and he's still smart... But this time, 'James Bond' is not that tough anymore... He will get shot at and he fail at physical training!!! Not something I expected... Frankly speaking I really like this movie and in my opinion, the storyline is good as well... The only thing that I don't like is the ending part where 'James Bond' took refuge at his old house... It looks a lot like 'Home Alone' to me where they setup booby trap and waiting for the bad guy to trigger it!!! Not cool... Other than that, no complain from me!!!

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