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Unichip Is Taken Out From FrankenBenz!!!

by - 12:15 AM

My newly installed 'Dastek Unichip Version Q' is officially taken out from 'FrankenBenz'!!! Just after two freaking days!!!  No doubt the whole car felt a lot lighter and it boost much stronger but it is a pain in the ass as my 'FrankenBenz' keep stalling!!! The best part is you need to wait for some time (if you're lucky, 10 minutes and if you're not, almost an hour!!!) before you're able to start it again!!! 

On the first day, everything was fine until I encountered this problem... It started right after the engine died... So I thought this might be an isolated case and nothing to worry about... The very next day proved my theory was wrong... It was a hellish day for me as 'FrankenBenz' kept stalling and stalling!!!  At first I thought the fuel level is low and it needed some fuel... So I parked it at the roadside and walked to a nearby petrol station... Pour the petrol in and tried starting it but to no avail... Plugging and unplugging the the original ECU a few times but still it won't start... Waited for another 30 minutes or so and decided to give it a try and viola it started...

Call the workshop that installed the 'Unichip' and told them about the problem and they asked me to drive it to their workshop and let them have a look... Drove my car for less than 300m and the engine's dead again!!! Tried starting it a few times and it just won't start... I have enough of this shit and took out my trusty 'Victorinox Swiss Army Knife' and cut off the  wires tapping to the original ECU... Luckily my boot got a roll of electrical tape... Put in the car key and twist it... No more problem and it started like a charm... The downside is the car felt so much heavier after dismantling the 'Unichip'... But at least the car's moving!!!

Call the seller and told him about his faulty 'Unichip' and he's gentleman enough to refund me my money as he's giving me a week warranty... So 'FrankenBenz' is back to basic for the time being... But not for long!!!

To be continue...

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