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Selling FrankenBenz???

by - 10:07 PM

Recently, I've been toying with this idea of selling 'FrankenBenz' and get something cheaper to maintain especially on petrol bills!!! (I've not driven 'FrankenBenz' for more than two weeks now as I've send the 'ECU' for repair... took more than a week for them to sort it out - will blog more about this later... in fact I just got my car back tonight)... But after getting so used to 'FrankenBenz' power and torque, ordinary car will not suffice... So what other car that have the ability to thrill and go gentle with the petrol??? I'm thinking about high revving naturally aspirated (NA) car of course... Before driving a turbocharged car, I used to believe that it will save fuel when you're not boosting it... I'm so very wrong (this does not apply to puny continental turbocharged engine)!!!

So 'NA' is the way to go... But what kind of 'NA' engine??? Rotary is definitely out of the question as it drinks fuel like you drink cold beer during a sunny day!!! Continental engine is out of the question as well as famous potent 'NA' engine are either too BIG in capacity or too expensive for me... So left the usual  three 'Japanese' so to speak... My criteria is very simple this time... 2.0 liter is the max for me... 'Nissan' have the SR20 Neo VVL engine that packs a punch but their car is a bit boring expect the hard hitting 'GTR' and 'Skyline' of the past... 'Toyota' have a very nice engine and it wins me over with it's amazing technology... 5 valves per cylinder coupled with individual throttle body (ITB)!!! Presenting the famous 4AGE 20V engine!!! The only downside to this engine is the capacity which is only 1.6 liter!!! So left 'Honda' which is really famous for it's high revving 'VTEC' engines... From the humle B16A --> B16B --> B18C --> B20B till the mighty K20A, you will definitely find an engine that suit your needs and budget... For me, I'm inching more towards the newest K20A engine which came with 220hp standard coupled with a 6 speed manual gearbox!!! Plonk the engine in a humble 'Civic' and you got yourself a giant slaying car!!! Yummy!!!

'Nissan SR20 Neo VVL'...

The very famous 'Toyota 4AGE 20V' aka 'Blacktop'...

The almighty 'Honda K20A'... But still...

NOT as mighty as this!!! 'Toyota 1JZ-GTE' which is also the heart of 'FrankenBenz'!!!

Like I mention earlier, I just got my 'FrankenBenz' back less than one hour ago and the moment I step on the accelerator, all my previous thoughts are gone!!! What 'NA' or 'VTEC'??? 6 cylinder and a pair of turbochargers are the way to go!!! The power delivery is super smooth and addictive!!! I just can't get enough of it... Will continue boosting tomorrow!!! Will update the status on the 'ECU' repair in my next blog post... Besides, I manage to get rid of the bell tinkering sound too!!! Till then and happy boosting!!!

To be continue...

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