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Kedai Makan Swee Sian

by - 9:17 PM

'Swee Sian' is very famous for it's 'assam fish' in my hometown... They used to serve really good 'assam fish' and I can vouch for that!!! But sadly they decided to close the business down when the boss which is also the cook passed away due to dengue fever... We were all saddened!!! 

Fast forward a few years, the wife decided to start the business all over again!!! When we knew about this, you can bet that we were among the very first to try it out... They don't serve fancy dishes... Just some very normal one and not forgetting limited in variety as well... For me, one dish is enough if it is really good... No point having a table full of dishes when the taste is nothing to shout about...

 The very famous 'assam fish'... Look the same but sadly it doesn't taste as good as it used to be... 

'Otak-otak' that is very famous in 'Muar'... But 'Batu Pahat' serve really good 'otak-otak' as well... Definitely much nicer compare to those in 'Kuala Lumpur'!!!

 Another famous dish of theirs!!!

Although the 'assam fish' is not as good as it used to be, we still can't get enough of it!!! To me, it will always be the BEST!!!

Overall Rating - 4/5

Sorry no address as I didn't managed to get it... Will update once I get hold of it...

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