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The Expendables 2

by - 11:28 PM

I'm really lost for words on this one... Don't really know how to blog about it and where should I start... What I can say is the cast is pretty awesome albeit a bit on the old side and the storyline is as interesting as a washing machine!!! In short you only need to know that these guy just won't die no matter what the enemy did to them... They can be shot at, bomb at and whatever shit you can think of and they won't even get a scratch... And when they fire back at the opponent, all they need is one bloody bullet or a puny little knife!!! 

I can only categorize this movie as extremely old school... 'Rambo' anyone??? Times have change unfortunately and we demand more than pointless shooting and killing... In the 80's yes, this can be accepted and even applauded but fast forward 30 years, we demand more than this... The enormous 'old school' cast is the only reason I can think of that is worth my RM!!! Other than that, none unless you're a psychopath who enjoy watching people shooting at each other!!!

p.s. 'Stallone', Van Damme and 'Arnie' in my humble opinion, please brush up your acting skill!!!  

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