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iPhone 5??? No Thank You!!!

by - 8:09 PM

I used to be an 'Apple' fan boy!!! The moment I lay my hands on the first 'iPhone', there is basically no turning back for me... I'm hooked!!! Frankly speaking, 'Apple' single-handedly change the way we look at mobile phones and this is something I'm very sure of... But after using it for around 4 years, I'm kinda sick of it because there is nothing much for you to do with it... My main gripe is the operating system... True, it is super duper easy to use but there are also a lot of limitation!!! No widgets!!! Widget is something very important to me as it makes the interface much nicer and not forgetting easier to use (this is something that I really like about 'Android')... Now come the sixth iteration of the world famous mobile phone... So does it tempt me to jump back to 'iOS' camp again??? Frankly speaking, the answer is a bloody BIG no!!! 

Look at it, what do you see??? Nothing cause it look exactly like an 'iPhone 4 or 4S albeit a wee bit longer only... We need something revolutionary as we are really bored with this outlook... Imagine looking at it for 3 generations!!! No doubt it does look solid and not forgetting premium (as with all 'Apple' products) comparing to 'Android' counterparts... Still it looks old to my eyes... If this is a new design with at least a 4.5" and above screen size, then it might be a different story altogether...

No doubt my 'Galaxy Nexus' looks cheap compare to 'iPhone' with it's all plastic construction!!! What I really like about the 'Galaxy Nexus' is the buttonless front screen!!! I hate physical button and this is the main reason I choose 'Galaxy Nexus' over other 'Android' phone in the market...

I'm very glad that I made the decision to abandon 'iOS' and turn myself to the darkside... It might be lag sometimes but this is something that I can accept as 'Android' is really much more powerful when comparing with 'iOS'... I no longer looking forward to any 'iPhone' launches from now on!!! Sad but true...

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