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Resident Evil : Retribution

by - 7:17 PM

Frankly speaking this is one of the worst 'Resident Evil' movie franchise ever!!! I'm not going to beat around the bush as I don't want to waste other peoples time because they might think that this is a good movie... It is not!!! This movie sucks!!! I really don't see the point of filming it... There's no storyline at all!!! This might even be the worst movie of 2012!!! No doubt that 'Milla Jovovich' is awesome but I believe that they are purposely dragging and trying to cash in more money by making more films... I know there will be another 'Resident Evil' movie and according to the director, that will be the last... In my opinion, they should have just film that movie and skip this one... If you have watched all the 'Resident Evil' movie franchise, go ahead and watch this (luckily the movie is short!!!) and try to endure one and a half hours of pointless torture... After that, keep your finger cross that the last one will be better...

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