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New Samurai Burger From McD... And I'm Lovin It!!!

by - 7:58 PM

I received a SMS from 'McD' yesterday saying that they will be launching a new burger which is call 'Samurai Burger' today... As an avid 'McD' fans, I will be sure that I'm among the first to sink my teeth into it!!! And I did...

I've never heard of the 'Samurai Burger' before (not sure whether is this a common burger found in 'Japan'???) and I'm really excited about it... From the SMS, I know that the burger is beef and it comes with a new drink call 'Sakura McFizz'... Complementing the burger will be 'Katsu Curry McShaker Fries'... 

As I'm super duper hungry, double quarter pound beef patty is the way to go!!!

Doesn't look special but trust me, it is nice!!! The beef patty is dip in teriyaki sauce just like how they prepare the 'Prosperity Burger'... The sauce tasted a bit sweet and it is very flavourful creating a wonderful taste eaten with the quarter pound beef patty... In my opinion, the 'Samurai Burger' is so much better compare to 'GCB'!!! 

I'm not a BIG fans of 'McShaker Fries' as I find it often spoilt the taste of the fries... Since this is something new and I have never eaten before, I decided to give it a go... 

Surprisingly, I find the 'Katsu Curry McShaker Fries' quite nice which is something I'm not expecting... But still I find the best way to enjoy fries is with a little help from salt and pepper!!! Simple but still the best... Lastly the new 'Sakura McFizz' drink... Nothing to shout about for this and I will definitely go back to my norm which is 'Diet Coke'... 'Sakura McFizz' is just 'Sprite + Ribena'!!! 

The only downside is the cost of it... Quite expensive in my opinion as this 'Double Samurai Burger' set cost me RM18.50 during 'McValue Lunch' promo... So without 'McValue Lunch/Dinner' expect this set to cost around RM20!!! But I will definitely go back for more as this burger rocks!!!

I'm Lovin It!!!

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