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AOKP Jelly Bean ROM Build 1

by - 9:30 AM

Finally I've upgraded my 'Galaxy Nexus' to 'Jelly Bean' which is the latest 'Android' software to date... Actually I don't plan to do the upgrade as I find it really troublesome as I need to reorganize and customize the whole phone to my liking all over again!!! 

So why do the upgrading??? Cause I was forced to!!! My previous 'Gummy Ice Cream Sandwich' ROM decided to crash after updating the 'Apex Launcher' hence making my phone useless as I can't access to anything!!!

Restore it to original 'Ice Cream Sandwich' ROM and I find it really boring and lacking customization...

My phone is currently running version 4.1.1 instead of 4.1... Which means that the version I have is one of the newest... After running the custom 'AOKP Jelly Bean' ROM for a few days, I found that the ROM is not as good as my previous 'Gummy ICS' ROM... My phone is more prone to lagging and the reception is not really stable... If you crank the brightness of your screen to the half way mark, the rate of the battery drain is just staggering!!! As for the battery drain, it can be solve easily by turning the brightness down a few notches but the lagging part is really bothering me!!! Will test out the new ROM for a few days more and decide whether to stick with it or flash it to other ROM... 

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