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Toyota 1JZ-GTE on FrankenBenz Can't Rev Pass 4000RPM!!!

by - 9:38 PM

Shit!!! FrankenBenz is getting temperamental again... Notice something wrong with it today... Normal driving she's behaving rather nicely... But when I tried to ask more from her, she started to protest... Don't know what is wrong with her but it seems like it can't rev pass 4000rpm on third gear... I tried pedal to the metal on 1st and 2nd gear and everything seems fine... 

When cruising normally and stepping on the gas then I encountered this problem... When it kicked down to 3rd gear, the rev stayed at 4000rpm and it just won't go pass it... If I kept my foot down, it cut off the fuel just like hitting boost cut!!! And worst still I heard bells ringing and I can't pinpoint the location...  I can see that the fuel consumption is getting from bad to worse these few days!!! I'm thinking about 'ECU' problem which is something quite normal for '1JZ-GTE' engine especially from 'JZZ30 Soarer' which happens to be the donor for my 'FrankenBenz' heart!!! Might be spark plug as well as the time for changing is just around the corner... Hopefully nothing serious... Damn she's been behaving very nicely nowadays and shit happened!!! 

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