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The Dark Knight Rises

by - 10:33 PM

The last of the trilogy that talks about the 'Dark Knight' of 'Gotham City' is something you must experience in order to understand how awesome it is... Truly a masterpiece in my humble opinion... It is totally different from all the predictable superhero movies that screened before... Less action and more on storyline which is something I really like!!! 

If you ask me between this movie and 'The Avengers' I really can't give you an answer right now (and this shows how awesome 'The Dark Knight Rises' is) because both are incredible movies... The difference is the way the story is being told... In order to understand 'The Dark Knight Rises' fully, one will need to watch the first two movies although the first one is kind of boring... 

No amount of words can do this movie justice... My only advise is "watch it to believe it"!!! This is a certified 'kick-ass' movie!!! By the way, 'Anne Hathaway' is freaking hot!!!

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