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AMS Performance - Alpha 10 GTR

by - 5:08 PM

The sound of this beast is just awesome!!! You need to heard it to believe it...

Saw this insane 'Nissan GTR' at 'GT Auto' the other day... So what is so special about this particular car... It looks ordinary enough just like any other 'GTR' on the road... You can spot some visual difference such as the carbon fiber spoiler and different tail pipe... Nothing more... But I was told that this car is having a full engine built from 'AMS Performance' which is famous for tuning 'GTR' to insane power... This particular car is fitted with the 'Alpha 10' package which enable it to have more than 1000whp!!! When I was there, they are running in the engine and it was putting out more than 600whp...

And now the car is ready and it churns out an official power of 1070whp!!! Crazy!!! And what is the cost of this??? According to 'AMS Performance' site, it cost from USD64,000 for this conversion... A lot of money for sure but much less compare to buying a 'Ferrari/Lamborghini' but you can smoke them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper... Another crazy thing is this car spot a 'Thai' registration plate and they send it all the way from 'Thailand' just to get it mod and tune!!! 

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