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Center Aircond Lourve For FrankenBenz

by - 7:48 PM

Previously I've changed my passenger side aircond lourve and now is time for the middle one to go... I managed to source a used unit that is in great condition and decided to take the plunged (as it was not really cheap!!!)...

As you can see, most of the inner fins are all broken and I can't adjust the air flow from left to right... If I'm driving alone, this is not really an issue but if there are a few passengers on board, I will have trouble to please all of them as the air flow is all on me and I can't do anything about it...

The old aircond lourve basically disintegrated the moment I took it out!!! Well not surprising as 'FrankenBenz' is already 23 years old!!! In fact, I find it astonishing that it managed to stay in such  condition after all these years... This is indeed an over-engineered car in my opinion!!!

To be continue...

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