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Buddy Soy Smoothies

by - 7:09 PM

I've never been a fans of soya milk since I was a kid... I still remember vividly there was once I drank soya milk after dinner and puke right after that... I guess this is one of the reason why I dislike soya milk... 

While walking around 'One Utama', we saw this little stall selling soya milk and my darling wanted to try it... 

There are a lot of choices for you to choose and since my darling like coffee she ordered a soy cappuccino which is something new to both of us... I can't remember what I ordered as this is a long overdue post!!! 

I like mine cause it tasted like 'cendol' (I'm a BIG fans of cendol!!!) but the soy cappuccino is not really good... Nevertheless, if you like soya milk, you can give this stall a try and in my humble opinion, it is better compare to the overrated 'Chatime'!!! Period!!!

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