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by - 5:41 PM

This was the most disappointing movie I've watched to date (for year 2012)!!! Awesome trailer but when you watched the movie, it was boring and definitely not entertaining at all!!! At the beginning, it looked promising... But after watching it for an hour, I came to a conclusion that this movie sucks and there's nothing special and exciting about it...

The only thing that kept me firmly on the seat was 'Charlize Theron' but still she's not particularly good in this movie as well... 'Alien VS Predator' is an awful movie but for me, 'Prometheus' is even worse!!! Long awaited movie from 'Ridley Scott' who single-handedly define this particular genre... Instead I was greeted with a pile of shit smack right to my face!!! Yeah it is indeed a very badly made movie!!!

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