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Men In Black III

by - 8:16 PM

After so many years of absent, 'Men In Black III' is finally here!!! I'm not a BIG fans of 'Men In Black' but since I've watched the previous two, I might as well watch the latest... After watching it, I felt there's not much improvement over its predecessor but definitely better than the second one which in my opinion is disastrous!!! 

At least the storyline for this latest movie is a wee bit better... As for the special effect, it feels like the first two... So I don't really know whether they did this because of consistency or they can't better those two filmed ages ago... But I guess it must the the former... 

Not really impressed with this movie but I guess a lot of people will still watch it for the sake of watching it!!! But please don't film 'Men In Black IV' cause there is nothing much you can do with this movie franchise anymore!!!

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