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Drag Link and Rear Arm For FrankenBenz

by - 5:26 PM

Recently, my 'FrankenBenz' have been behaving badly giving me lots of headache... But I don't blame it as this is the life of modifying car!!! If you want peace of mind, then get a new car and you can basically forget about it except for the usual servicing...

Things that I've changed recently was a rear arm and a drag link up front... I felt 'FrankenBenz' a bit unstable when boosting... Sometimes a bit too much that I dare not push it more than 130km/h!!! The car will be moving around and I need constant steering correction to keep it going straight!!! Lots of work and definitely not entertaining!!! Send my car to a reputable 'Merc' workshop and have them checked thoroughly... Found the culprit!!! Firstly the front drag link (unfortunately without pic!!!) and a rear arm... 

As you can see from this pic, the bush on the rear arm is definitely not in a good state... To be honest, I can barely see the bushing anymore... I've always wanted to change all my bushing to those performance 'Polyurethane' one but too bad they don't make it for my model!!! Guess most 'Merc' owners wanted comfort rather than outright performance!!!

Besides changing these two items, I get the foreman to re-tighten all the bolts and nuts including the steering box as well... Send my car for another round of alignment and I'm proud to say that 'FrankenBenz' totally transform into another car... Very good steering feel and no more correction needed when driving in a straight line!!! So the next right thing to do is drive up 'Genting' I guess!!!

To be continue...

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