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My New Galaxy Nexus!!!

by - 7:55 PM

So I've made up my mind on which 'Android' phone to get!!! Introducing the 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus'!!! I know it don't need any introduction as this phone was launched almost 6 months ago!!! So why do I get an old phone instead of the latest around as the price is almost similar... The reason is very simple... Is a 'Nexus'!!! The only 'Google' phone selling on the market now... 

There are a few things that I really like about this phone... Firstly, the lack of physical or capacitive button on the screen!!! Currently the only phone in the market that have this or lack of it!!! 

 Second thing that I like about this phone is the 'Google' branding on the back of the phone... 

Definitely not the best 'Android' phone in the market if spec is what you care about as more and more quad core 'Android' phones are being released... But definitely one of the best experience around as this phone is running the vanilla version of 'Ice Cream Sandwich' operating system... 

After trying out the quad core 'HTC One X', I don't really see the difference in terms of speed on daily usage... If you're a hardcore gamer, then it might be better for you to get the 'One X' or the new 'Galaxy SIII'... 

The third and last thing that I really like about the 'Nexus' is update!!! This is the phone that will be updated when there's a new version of 'Android' operating system around... Currently I'm running on version 4.02 as this is the latest official OTA update available... Version 4.04 is available but I will need to root and flash it... Not going to do it at this moment as I'm still getting use to 'Android' after so many years of using 'iOS'... And you know what, I'm not missing 'iOS' a single bit!!! 

'Google' branding when you start the phone!!! Nice... I'm loving every single second with it and it definitely made my life so much easier!!!

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