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The Avengers

by - 6:42 PM

The movie that we have been waiting for!!! This is my most anticipated movie of 2012 and there's no way I'm gonna miss it... Pay RM9 (2D version - watch it on Wednesday... yeah I know I'm a cheapskate!!! haha) and you got to watch a few superheroes fighting around plus one super hot lady and that 'Scarlett Johanssen by the way... That's what I call value for money... 

I don't have to tell you how explosive it was as I'm very sure you know damn well it will be... But there's one thing that you might not be aware of... This movie is funny as well and some of the most funny part came from 'The Hulk' which is really unexpected... As for the storyline, the best way to sum it up is simple and old skool!!! Very straight to the point but definitely not boring... Although the movie is a bit long (more than 2 hours!!!) but I'm very sure you're not aware of it as it was entertaining right from the beginning... 

In my opinion, this is one of the all time best movie ever... No doubt about it... I believe there will be a 'Part 2' coming up and I'm dying to watch it!!! Please go and watch it people... You will be entertain!!!

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